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Which toilet is the easiest to keep clean?

by Bath Outlet on Dec 21, 2020

Which toilet is the easiest to keep clean? - Bath Outlet

Which toilet is the easiest to keep clean?

There are a number of features that can make a toilet suite easier to clean.

Flush type - economy toilets are often "box rim" which, while they distribute water well during the flush, can be tricky to fully clean.

 rim vs rimless toilet commode

Rimless toilets still distribute water well but don't have a rim, giving a smooth surface to clean. Tornado flush toilets do have a rim but have a superior flush which tends to remove waste better.


Tornado Flush | TOTO



Ceramic material - most toilet pans are made from ceramic which is easy to clean but will occasionally have some waste "stick" after the flush. Nanoglaze is a special glaze that is applied to the inside of the toilet bowl during the manufacturing process and fired on under intense heat. This gives an anti-bacterial finish that is very "slippery" and remains cleaner.

Design - older toilets sit out from the wall and collect dust on the bends etc. No one likes getting down on hands and knees to clean these so a back-to-wall unit might be a great option. These go all the way back to the wall with smooth lines for easy cleaning.

Get rid of the cistern - For the ultimate, put the cistern in the wall so all you see is the pan and buttons. Have a look at our Concealed Flush Tank Toilet System  to see what options might suit your bathroom.



Concealed Toilet Set - Frame, Cistern and Dual Flush Plate Wall Hung Pan Frame: